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Personalized Token Vesting Tools, Made For You

Streamline and automate your token distribution - all without needing to allocate resources internally

Web3 vesting is broken, but why?

We asked founders how they handle vesting:

Manual Spreadsheets

Internal Solutions



Manual Spreadsheet Pain points:

  • Slow & tedious
  • Not transparent
  • Error-prone
  • Non scalable

Internal Solutions Pain points:

  • Takes away developer resources
  • Auditing costs
  • Not maintained properly
  • Bad UI/UX

Case study

How we helped Biconomy fix their vesting woes

Post TGE
50 < Employees
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VTVL granted us and our stakeholders greater control and transparency into our vesting process, empowering our employees to get more involved with our token - without having to allocate internal resources. Team has been really supportive and available throughout the onboarding process
Sachin Tomar

Sachin Tomar

CTO / Co-Founder

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Our features

Automated vesting schedules

Effortlessly create custom, automated vesting schedules on-chain in minutes. Have multiple recipients? Use our convenient CSV bulk import feature.

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