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Why Web3 VCs Are Struggling With Token Management (and How VTVL Fixes This)

Tokens are often the lifeblood of Web3 projects. They can provide innovative incentive mechanisms, value capture, and can even be used to vo...

Publish date: Sep 8, 2023

Milestone Vesting in Web3: What is it and what are the benefits?

Web3 has brought about a new era in the world of finance and technology, with tokens being a central element to various blockchain-based pro...

Publish date: Jun 1, 2023

How to set up token vesting for your Web3 project

If you're building a Web3 project and planning on launching a token chances are you’ll need to set up a token vesting schedule. In this guid...

Publish date: Jun 1, 2023

The State of Web3 & Surviving the Bear Market as a Founder: Insights from Maex Ament of Centrifuge

In the fast-paced world of crypto, market conditions can shift rapidly. The crypto market has seen both bullish and bearish trends in recent...

Publish date: Feb 21, 2023

Introduction to Biconomy

Founded in 2019 by Aniket Jindal, Ahmed Al-Balaghi, and Sachin Tomar, Biconomy is a cross-chain relayer protocol to help dApps and organizat...

Publish date: Dec 28, 2022

Tokenomics — All You need to Know

One of the key components of launching a web3 project is the token. Tokens operate as the core foundation behind our decentralized ecosystem...

Publish date: Dec 7, 2022

Token 2049 Recap

TOKEN 2049 — one of the largest annual digital asset events in Asia and Europe — brought together the leading voices and most sensational pr...

Publish date: Dec 5, 2022

Introduction to VTVL — Token Management Platform

Supercharge your web3 economy by seamlessly automating token vesting and distributions. VTVL is building infrastructure to empower web3 toke...

Publish date: Oct 31, 2022